Eikestad Nuus, June 13 2003
Celebrate with Alan Alborough

Alan Alborough's current exhibition entitled work[ing/ in] pro[cess/gress] which started on the 7th of May at the Sasol Art Museum, University of Stellenbosh, will be reaching its midpoint on the 14th of June. Alborough, the museums invited artist for 2003 has produced a process orientated work that has been subtly mutating over the last month, slowly occupying and articulating the large architectural aperture found at the centre of the galleries mezzanine level. This display of the process and progress of his creative procedure affords a rare glimpse at the mechanics behind the artists work. Interestingly this same site was used in a previous intervention by Alborough during last years Month of Photography exhibition, PHOTO/ART, where he constructed a massive 'pin and string art' oculus referencing the different aperture sizes of a camera lens diaphragm. Revisiting this site Alborough has again drawn from the lexicon of craft art and children's activities and is in the process of developing an elaborate take on the old and familiar technique of 'french knitting'.

Repeat visits to the museum are probably the order of the day if you want to really appreciate the nuances of this journey towards a seemingly intangible goal.

Alongside the exhibition a series of children's workshops have been held, the evidence of which hangs on the walls of the museums central staircase. This residue of childhood creative exploration through 'tolletjie brei' acts as a fascinating counterpoint to the involved and complex manipulations to be seen in the main gallery.

The exhibition continues until 24th July (and its imitable and yet undefinable outcome). In the meantime there will be a function to mark this midpoint in its progress at 1pm on Saturday the 14th June to which all are invited.

Anybody curious about seeing the artists previous work can visit www.alanalborough.co.za or peruse the site at there leisure on the computer in the exhibition space.