Planning #137, January 1995 (extract)
The Offices of Manfred Hermer Grosskopff & Lombart: Bolton Road, Rosebank
By Chris Buchanan

... The essence of the building lies not only in the structure itself, but in the artistic ethos established in the relationship between architecture and art, which manifests itself in the commitment this practice has for local artistic talent.

The focus of the north-east corner is a piece by Alan Alborough, entitled Founder, which embraces the Babylonian Freemason's tradition of the cornerstone and the aspect of dimensions associated with the architectural profession. A triangular piece of earth, around the column, has been removed and elevated to a height of approximately 1,5m. Groundcover on the cut-out wedge is exactly that of the earth below.

Within the hole left by the wedge are placed the memorabilia of the era; of 1994; of South Africa's historic transition. The hole is sealed as the cornerstone of this building. Arrows, in alternate panels of stainless and mild steel, gesture earthward and skyward below and above the suspended wedge of earth, thus symbolising the nature of architecture.